IMG_6319Brilliant and Wild shows new gardeners how to create a blooming, bee-filled outdoor space, from scratch, in the space of a year.

With umbels, spires and bright button-like dots, new perennial planting is perfect for the beginner gardener: intensely beautiful, swift to establish, simple to upkeep and incredible even in tiny spaces.
From scribbled plan to full of flowers, the book provides all the tools and information needed to create a beautiful, sustainable town or city garden that is fully established in a twelve months.

– shows new gardeners the practical steps to making a garden that blooms within a matter of months
– explains how to choose plants that will happily knit together
– Includes over 30 of the newest and best flower varieties and explains how to use them
– unlocks the secret to new perennial planting in small space for a garden that’s full of flowers, birds and bees for  a garden that needs less weeding, less watering and less work.

Garden Media Guild Practical Book of the Year 2018

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